In an era where security is intertwined with ethical conduct and social responsibility, CIS Security stands at the forefront, aligning our operations with the ISO 18788:2015 standard. This framework is not just about the mechanics of security operations; it's about integrating respect for human rights, legal obligations, and the well-being of personnel into the fabric of our daily operations.

Compliance with ISO 18788:2015 demonstrates CIS Security's dedication to responsible governance and accountability. Our adherence ensures that while we protect assets and infrastructure, we also uphold the rights and freedoms of the individuals within these environments.

This standard guides our strategies and operational decisions, ensuring that every aspect of our service delivery is conducted with respect for international human rights norms. From the boardroom to the field, CIS Security's commitment to ISO 18788:2015 is a clear declaration of our role not just as a security provider but as a responsible corporate citizen.

Championing Human Rights in Security: CIS Security's ISO 18788:2015 Commitment